Friday, May 13, 2011

Prairie Grove

Ever since Preacher man and I went to Lexington Virginia and visited VMI (Virginia Military Institute) and saw where General Lee and Stonewall Jackson were buried, we have been increasing interested in Civil War Battlefields. So today we ventured down to Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park. I'm just going to say up front that I so wanted the south to win! I believe that if we had, things would have been so different in this country and unlike the majority of this country, I do not believe the war was started because of the slave issue. I also do not like or respect Lincoln. That being said, if you want to talk to me about these issues, bring it! I must remind you again that this is my blog and I write about what I want to!

There is a mile long walking tour and a driving tour that you can take around the battlefield to get the lay of the land and see what the soldiers might have seen. The Honeysuckle is in full bloom and the dampness from the rain made the place strangely beautiful. 2,500 died durning the battle on December 7, 1862. That's about 10% of the number that fought. The aftermath of the following day was evident by the bloodshed. It took over a week to bury the dead in trenches fifty to one hundred feet long. I stand in awe in these places knowing that one hundred years before I was born, this country was fighting for it's life. 
We are going to try and visit all of the battlefields in Arkansas and then move out of state for a bigger picture. I find it very strange that people from the north just don't get the war. They don't understand why we still hold a grudge and I'm going to have to say they haven't been down here to visit these places. In Vicksburg, women and children hid in caves and when they were starving and decided to come out, the Union soldiers shot them. You never hear anyone talking about Yankee hospitality now do you? That's why!
Anyway, it's part of this country that I think everyone should check out, mainly cuz it brings money down to the south! 

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