Monday, May 16, 2011


The word for today is Distilling or to distill or be distilled. I looked it up and here's what I got:
to subject to a process of vaporization and subsequent condensation,
 as for purification or concentration. 

That pretty well describes my life these past years, if I do have to say so myself. I'm glad I found the word that will help me describe it. Has this ever happened to you? Do you ever feel like there can't be anything else to be taken away, just to have it taken away? I really feel like I'm helping someone go through this process more than I'm being distilled at this present moment. God wants us pure and concentrated, but I think we have a hard time with what that looks like for each of us. I do not believe that God has this cookie cutter that he stamps us out with and that we are all to look and act the same. If He did, people wouldn't drive me crazy the way they do. Anyway, I believe we start our journey out as a glob of clay, so to speak, or even a lump of metal. Then life happens! We all basically go through the same processes, yet we do it at different rates and speeds. Something that you are going through right now, I might have gone through 20 years ago, so my process is ahead of yours, sorta. Does it mean that it hurts less? NO! Does it mean that the fire wasn't as hot or the purification process was any less drawn out? No, No, No! What it means is, I went through it and it didn't kill me! 
We must go through processes in our lives! We can't go around them, under or over them. We have to put on our big girl panties (so to speak) and look straight into that process. We see the vapors rising up from the process, we start to smell things and see things a little differently. Not so much because they are different, but because we are different. We walk into that heat from the process and when we think that nothings left, we look up and condensed on the top of our lives, is us. True us, hanging out in the heavens with God! It's what our lives are made of...concentrated life that has been through process! This is where the healing begins! Because out of this awfully hard process, vaporization has occurred and subsequently so has condensation. When we let God cool us off and concentrate us, we come out in a purer state than we went into it as. Does this mean we will never have to go through the process again? Oh No, she says while holding her belly as she laughs! It just means that next time, you will come out in a purer state, and so on and so on and so on! 
Now don't loose hope dear heart, cuz the fun in this process is when you can see that distilling really does work and you come along side others and shoulder their burden with them so they have hope that if it didn't kill you, maybe they will make it through the process too. 
Hugs to you in the process!


redheadbeck said...

Yep! Exactly! What she said!! LOL!!!

invade my heart... said...

oh i see why you told me to read your blog... i get it, i get it. :) (funny face... the word verification i have to type in for this comment to publish is "insin"... put a space in between the "n" and the "s" ... that's unnerving.