Thursday, May 19, 2011

Give it away

Today begins the trek to Gosnell Arkansas for the high school graduation of our niece Sylvia. In the process we will go by mom and dad's and pick them up, then off to northeast Arkansas. I also have to go to the Creek and work, pack, prepare the house for our herd sitter and pick up dinner for a foster family that is near and dear to our hearts. So this might be a short posting.

Today's word is empowering, seems to be a very powerful word, let's see what it say when I look it up:
To give power or authority to: authorize

Wow! That'a a mind-full huh? What I get from this is to give your power away. What I think we forget is we have the power to hold onto our power. I get so sick of hearing things like "I couldn't help it, they just took that from me." Well friend, you let them have it more than they took it. I believe that's one of the reasons we are told to guard our hearts. "Be careful little hears what you hear." It seems to start by letting things into us that maybe are better staying out. They come via the sense's, eye's, ear's, mouth, touch and smell. Once we think it's good, we give it power over our life.

My friend from work, Anne, has given her power over to gummy bears. When she is working, there are small sacks of these gummies everywhere. I almost got sucked into giving them my power, but we don't work together that much, so maybe I've been spared. Wait, do you see that mentality? It's a defeatist attitude, isn't it. I've lost the battle before it really starts. I worked with Anne yesterday, and no gummies. She is trying to get her power back, and her waist line while she's at it. I had to do the same thing when I smoked. It was so much easier giving my power away than it was to get it back. Wonder why that is? It may have something to do with giving authority that was yours to give or keep, away to something or someone else that doesn't have your best interest at heart. I mean hear that, giving authority to...

I think I'll give authority to Christ not to people or gummies. I know that He has my best interest in mind when He steers me away from things that will hurt me. Sometimes I get out a head of Him and I can see Him shake His head as I run off down a hill. Putting my power in Christ is easy to take back too, not that I should, but I can. Taking power back from cigarettes, not so easy. That's why they call it addiction and it comes in many forms, food, drink, power over people, work, sex, drugs you name it and we probably have issues with it cuz we've given it authority over our life. Jesus calls us to a balance, everything in moderation. That allows you to keep your power. If you find you are getting weak and you are getting ready to give your power away, give it to Jesus and let him hold it for awhile. He won't give it to anyone or anything else, he's trustworthy! Gummy bears... not so much!    

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