Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What has you?

Fuzzy picture of Sam
When was the last time you went home? Or close to home? Does it hold a power over you that dates back to somewhere in your past? Or do you shutter? I do both and it is a sight to see. I love where I come from, more so when I'm not there I think. Don't get me wrong, I love Arkansas, some parts more than others. When I don't live here the whole state is where I'm from, when I live here, I'm from the county...Mississippi county. Largest county in Arkansas, known as the Delta, where cotton is king, or was before rice beat it out. Also know as the land that time forgot. We went to the county for our niece's graduation and all I can say is now we're back in Rogers.

Today's word is captivating. I looked it up and found this as it's meaning:
To attract and hold the attention 
or interest of. To capture.

What attracts you? Holds your interest? Lately for me it's been birds. This time of year just causes me to sit and stare at these flying animals. They eat out of our feeder, take baths and drink out of the bird bath and generally have a good time, as far as I can see. I wonder about them when it storms, love to see them dance with each other and search for the nests when I hear the babies yelling for food. I am charmed by their presence. 
I am also captivated by God and how He rolls out the day with a sun rise and closes it up by the night. I'm captivated by tornado's and how they form and the damage they do. By the smell of a lillie and the destruction of a mole. I'm captivated by God's love of us to give us all this and more. Granted, some of it is better than others but that's because of the fall and that has enough info for three more blogs. The pure captivating beauty of this world, blows my mind. If what I can see blows my mind, I can't wait to see heaven, which dims this place in comparison. I'm captivated by the simplicity of it all, the sun comes up, the sun goes down. I don't have to understand it for it to work, and I'm glad. I'm captivated by how God's plan still stands even when we get in the way and try to change it. God has my attention. I think I stay on His path when I allow myself to be captured by Him. Wow, I wonder if I captivate Him? I bet I do, I bet you do too.

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