Friday, April 1, 2011


Another day with no sunshine! I called mom and told her I was moving to Arizona, just to be in the sun! I haven't started packing yet. She said she would go with me though. In Colorado, we may have had 9 months of winter, but at least the sun was there for all of it. 
Today is going to be a fast day for me. I had been thinking about it earlier and after reading a blog from my old boss, who was also talking about it, I decided that it was what I was suppose to do today. I have a friend who is having knee surgery this morning, a sister who needs direction, a training group over the weekend for the CALL, an anniversary of 18 years on Sunday and Preacher man will be preaching 2nd service. Needless to say, I have some stuff to be praying about.
Taken at St. Scholastica, done by one of the sisters

I wanted to talk about Lent a little today. I'm having this issue with myself, I guess, about what we should be doing during Lent. I like to believe that the church should be showing and telling us what Lent is about, but sadly this doesn't always happen. Sometimes we are so married to our sermon series that we don't take time to look at the liturgical calendar to see what we as the 'C'hurch are doing. One of the things that works about church is we are a body, bigger than just our local church. We are the universal 'C'hurch and there is power when we do things together, like read scripture and practice Lent. So Preacher man suggestd I look in one of my books that I got for class at Asbury, "A guide to prayer for ministers and other servants." I went through today, which is the Friday after the Third Sunday of Lent and the scripture was Romans 8:18-25 and I'm going to share with you what jumped out at me in the 24th and 25th verses.
For in hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what is seem? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. 
We wait for hope with patience. How hard is it to be patient? How often do we get a head of God and His plan, or just come up with the list that needs checked off? How do you wait for hope with patience? 
My hope will rise from the grave in four more Sundays, so we are right in the middle of Lent. How are you going within to see what Christ did for you? Lent is a dark, reflective time where the church doesn't light the candles, or at least they didn't use to. It's not a time of growing and flowering, yet. That's what makes waiting so hard and so worth it. Take sometime to look inside today, there's no sun outside anyway. Take inventory, be introspective of what Christ dying on a tree did for you. And join me in waiting for the hope with patience.     

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