Saturday, April 2, 2011

Is that the Sun?

I opened the blinds this morning and low and behold there is this celestial orb that is throwing off a lot of light and vitamin D in the backyard. When I look out the front window, it's the same thing! I do believe that after over a week of resting, the big bad sun is shining again. Let me think for a minute. Working at the Creek has been slow, mainly cuz when it's raining and dampish outside, women don't like to shop. So, now that the sun is shining, we should be busier than a one armed paperhanger today! Good thing it's a short shift for me!

Preacher man grilled spicy shrimp on the bar-be last night and they were yum yum! It was a nice meal to end my fast with. It was hard to resist those dang gummy bears that Anne brings to work, but I did!

Got a new group to start training with the CALL this weekend and I'm in charge of the prayer team. It's hard to get folks to sign up to pray for an hour. They would rather say, I'll be praying all day, well that's fine, but it's not what I'm asking you to do people! I want concentrated prayer! But I'll take what I can get and we'll work on the finer points later. 

Preacher man and I will be married for 18 years tomorrow! Isn't that something? I call it a miracle! He will be preachen 2nd service tomorrow, not my fav, but that's ok!

Preacher Man!
Looking ahead to next week, I seem to be pretty busy even though I'm cutting back on hours at the Creek. One of the highlights of the week is a pedicure on Thursday! I also see two dinners, two doctor appointments, three meetings, working the Hotline for Master Gardeners, and Willamon should be speaking at 1st church in Bentonville, need to find out about that. So a fun-filled packed week ahead and I haven't even gotten out of this one yet!

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