Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sweet Friend!

Preacher man is off doing mission work today and I am preparing for a small dinner party with beloved friends that have loved me for a long time! I often wonder why it seems to be so hard to make new close friends now that we are older. In Jr High, things were so crazy, but that seems to be where the true friendships are made. Or maybe that's where we begin to learn how to be a real friend.
I can remember mom and dad had a wall mount phone with the extra long cord so we could take our conversation down the hall and not be over heard. We had a hall door that we would shut with the phone cord through it. You could always tell where we were by where the phone cord was. I would stay on the phone with Susan for hours, talking about I'm sure the very most important things, that I can't really recall right now. We would spend the night at each others houses, and when I got my Gold Mercury Zepher, we burned the roads up with Donna in tow! Around and around town we would go. I think it took like 18 minutes if you hit all the lights just right, and I think there was 2 of those. There's a curve over by the Winston's that I would always take as fast as I could, just to hear us scream! That was before seatbelt laws. We would lay on the Phillip's trampoline at night and just talk about our hopes and dreams. Then dad would whistle and we'd start back to the house. Life was so much simpler then. We were involved in extra things but we always had time to just hang out and spend time together. 
As we get older, we don't seem to make that kind of time for each other and it's a shame. I have been gone from Arkansas for over 23 years and God put me so close to my best friend in High School that's it's just plain silly! Preacher man and I know we won't be here for ever and that makes me intentional about spending time with her. Maybe that's what it comes down to, being intentional. 
So if you have beautiful people in your life that shine with memories of a time gone by, heck ever if you are creating new memories, spend time with them, face to face. Time seems to pass so much faster than it did when we were in High School. Before you know it your using words like, "I should have... I wish I would have... Do you remember..." Be intentional about being with the people who rock your world and leave the means ones to figure it out. It makes them so mad when you have fun anyway!! Don't it?     

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