Friday, April 8, 2011

Case Study!

Preacher man may have issues with coffee pots, but he sure knows how to get things done in my life! I have seven case studies that I have to read and write reports on all due by the 2nd of May. (This is for my Spiritual Direction class.) I am the type of person that would rather blog, play in the yard or read in place of doing school work that needs to be done. Can't we just sit down over a cup of coffee and just talk about it? Needless to say, this is not how you go about getting certified in spiritual direction. Being the great planner/organizer that he is, Preacher man sat down with me and made me dedicate certain day's to writing case studies. Oh my gosh this so cramps my style! 
Today is the first day to write the first case study! I was dreading this when I went to bed last night, and with no coffee in the house, I woke up prepared to fight my way into the corner of "You can't make me do it!" So after a trip to Chick-fil-a for two cups of coffee and a hardy breakfast that I thought would buy me sometime, Preacher man said, "leave your phone with me and go write that case study." So off I crawled into the bedroom/computer area. As I started to make myself hyperventilate, I read over the case study and the questions I needed to answer. An hour later I had my first case study written!!! I am still sitting here in disbelief. 
This must be how Preacher man got through seminary in 3 1/2 years, it was his plan. He laid it out and then he worked it! My oh my, this man is going to shake the world up for Christ when we get into our own church! Because God has given him a plan. 
Note to self: Preacher man is now in charge of planning stuff that's important in my life too!

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