Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Info.

I got my seven case studies done and in the mail today! That's part of a load off my shoulders. I'm reading Holy Invitations by Jeannette Bakke for my must read and write a paper homework. Haven't gotten into it enough to comment yet. I do feel good about getting those case studies out of here, and early no doubt!
I'm going into the extension office today for a meeting and then over to the church this after noon to check out the garden. I need to get some hours in for Master Gardening and that just maybe the place to do. We have gotten so much rain it is just crazy. The front and back yard is flooded in parts and my pots need to be drained a few times a day. Haven't seen the sun in days so I'm sure the mold is growing!
Preacher man and Daddy
Young man has his EOC tests in Biology, Tuesday and Wednesday. We started reviewing yesterday and it's funny how he thinks he doesn't know it, yet if he thinks about it, he does. I told him I know Biology and can help him if he wants me to. He is starting to get that he has got to want to do well for himself, not anybody else. I learned my stuff when I was in school, I don't have to relearn it for him! It's like the light is starting to come on. I also made out a task list for him with things he needs to do daily, weekly and monthly. When he get them done we sign off on it. When he's done with the week, we'll look at it and if he's gotten it all done he gets an hour of TV. I'm thinking it will be on Saturday and have something to do with Dragon Ball Z. I know, I didn't know what it was either. Young man looked very handsome in his tie yesterday and we took pictures of him. He was baptized at his church on Easter, how cool is that?! I am praying that this week is a little calmer and controlled than last week was. We will be heading to the library to take back books and get some appropriate ones. Need to take Preacher man so he can get his own library card too.
I'll be headed to St. Scholastica on Wednesday so I can have a day of reflection and meet with Sister Rachel for spiritual direction. Starting to look forward to that! I hope it stops raining by then.

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Jonathan Powers said...

I love the picture! Hope you all are well!