Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday, more later.

Well, we seem to have made it to Good Friday. I held off on posting until I reprinted, after reediting, my seven case studies. Why is it that whenever I talk with Preacher man, I get smarter? I asked him to edit and add bulk to my cases and when he does that I join in. I'm pretty happy with these papers, yip, pretty happy. I love it when Preacher man get's railed about case studies. I learn how to give it to people in a direct and diplomatic way! Instead of my way, which has something to do with crying and having a fit!

Speaking of crying, I had a good one at the prayer rail last night after communion! I seem to be having moments of melt down lately and just wanted to share that with Jesus. I'm done with trying to figure it out, done with being fair about things. God has a job for me and satan is in my way. So when I'm done here I am going to go crazy with some anointing oil and throw some Holy water all over the house! I have had it with his crap and he has got to go! Did I tell you that the Ford died on top of everything else thats happened? Young man and I were at the library and after we got books, we came outside and the truck wouldn't turn over. Something is big time wrong with it and now we only have one form of transportation! Preacher man said we might need to start looking for something new. I hate to do that because that means I will have to get a full time job so we can pay for it! DANG!! Anyway, most of what has been going on around Preacher man and me lately has not been good time stuff! I was talking to my work buddy Anne and she was very encouraging with tips and things. I also had a texting conversation with Young mans future mom (long story) and she just might come over to chat with us tonight!

I am finding out that Japanese comic books are inappropriate reading! I did not know this! I am also finding out that it's just easier to say no to Harry Potter all together than to try and figure any of it out. Did you know that one lie equals one laps around the track field or maybe 4 I haven't decided yet. I am making my list of chores and things that will be done on a weekly bases! The honeymoon is over and the good ship lolly pop has run a ground!   

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