Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are you intentional?

Young man and I went to the library yesterday to take back the Ten (10) inappropriate books and exchange them for Four (4) appropriate books. It went rather well if I have to say so myself. The truck didn't die while at the library this time and I was very glad about that! We took Preacher man with us so he could get a library card of his own. (Happy Birthday Preacher Man!) He came away with a Teach Yourself Spanish book, we'll see how that goes! I just gotta say, it wouldn't work for me cuz I need to hear it. It maybe different for him cuz hims smart!

Young man planned and made dinner last night! It was Preacher man's birthday and he wanted Chicken and Dumplins, so we made Chicken and Dumplins. I did the stock part in order to help with the time. Young man redecorated  the kitchen with floor and made some yummy dumplins in the process! It brought back memories of re-teaching people to cook at the Soup Kitchen! The task list is working rather well and we are looking forward to an hour of TV on Saturday if we can just hold on to the edge! 

 I am preparing to leave for St Scholastica today. I am looking forward to this time of reflection  and just hanging out with God. I am trying to be there for noon prayers and lunch with the Sisters! The weather looks to want to give me problems and it has rained so much that they have opened the flood gates at the lake. I think they said the level has come up like 10 feet! The yard is still flooded and you can almost hear the mold growing. I pray my seedlings will make it through this with flying colors, but the sun has got to come out for that to happen! Anyway, I hope for no problems down to the monastery.

I read today that if you are running on empty or a little on the dry side, it's not time to give up, it's time to go deeper! I think we forget this a lot more than we remember it. Could be cuz it's easier to give up than it is to go deeper. I know that's true with me. So I ask, are you on the dry side? Are you waking up like Preacher man and I sometimes do, a little on the cranky side? Could it be that it's time to stop the wheels from spinning so fast and just sit down for a few? If you have the chance to really listen to it rain, do it. It's amazing how the sounds change and the mood lifts and falls. Our Father has given us so much to check out, but so much of the time we are, well, checked out. You have to be intentional about your time, all of it!      

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