Tuesday, April 12, 2011


MaryHelen, me and Pat!
I got some really cool news yesterday from my friend Pat! She will be moving about 45 minutes from me in a matter of time! I am so excited about this news that I did a happy dance for myself! It has been a long year here with no friends to share light and salt with. Things have started to change a little as we become involved with the CALL. But all in all, I've been alone. Now don't get me wrong, I've had Preacher man and the herd and some superficial conversations to keep me going. But true friendship that goes beneath the skin, into the heart of Jesus, that has been missing. 
I met Pat in my very first class at Asbury, it was Reg Johnson's "Spiritual Formation." There were three of us that were more mature than the rest of the class and we sort of hit it off. That was in 2007 I think, and we have been through so much together, that I'm sure we are sister's from different mothers! We took quite a few classes together, went to a lot of healing retreats and spent time together in prayer more times than not! She got her Master's in Divinity and graduated in the same class as Preacher man, she helped us move and has been a life line for me over this long year!
Now it's my turn to help her move, she just has to figure out when. God has opened doors for her in places she wasn't looking and it has been a pure joy to walk with her through this time of her life! Mostly, I am selfishly excited to have her so close! 
Yesterday we got a call from one of the social workers that works with the CALL. They are wanting to know ages and genders that we are asking for. The paperwork is almost where it needs to be, we are waiting on the home visit and the background check to be done. Then our home will be open! We are excited, expectant and ready to be moving into what God is calling us to do. To love those that aren't being loved or cared for. To bring hope to the hopeless and grace to the lost and alone. We know we can do all things through Christ who is our strength! 
Bring it God!   

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