Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm Back!

Got home yesterday afternoon from a wonderful visit at St Scholasica. It is becoming more apparent that I need this monthly time away to spend with God in prayer and reflection. What came out of my time in Spiritual Direction was enlightening to say the least. I seem to have gotten off tract from what I'm being called to do. It's always a poke in the eye when you think your doing what God wants, just to find out that you lost your orders somewhere along the way. Or that you put God's number one on the back burner and then turned the fire off! Needless to say, I feel as through a fog has lifted and I am seeing clearer than I was. Do I know what to do? No! Do I have a plan of action? Well, again, No! But I know who does and I'm going to spend time finding out what it is, and the only way that happens is through prayer and Bible reading. So I guess, I'll be keeping you posted!

More later!     

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