Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am in a profound funk and I am desperately looking for a way out. I am so done with the whole world falling down around me that if there was a ship that would remove me from this stinken' planet, I'd have my bags packed and my thumb sticking out faster than you could say, "Look out, its a ship!"! 
I'm sick of this crud that has taken up residency in my chest, granted, it sounds cool to have a deep voice, this is getting old. I'm going to the doctor today and he better fix me!
I finished my 7 case studies today, however, I now need Preacher man to help me edit and add anything that might be missing. While I have been doing these studies, I have thought more than once that I have no idea how to be a spiritual director! Who do I think I am even trying to do this stuff? The crazy thing about that is who ever 'they' are, says that is exactly where I should be.
It is hard to keep a Young man full. It's hard to get anything done let alone work, when you have to run to Springdale twice a day. The "system" doesn't work. They say schooling is important, yet they schedule meetings for him during school. They wanted to meet with him tomorrow at 10 in the morning, which means he misses yet another day of school. Preacher man called them and said that wasn't going to work, and they needed to come with a time after he was out of school. They are now meeting in the evening next week!
Then the biggest blow has been that Preacher man's momma passed on Monday afternoon and we didn't even find out about it until Tuesday afternoon! It's the strangest thing I have ever been involved with and my heart is breaking for my beloved husband, yet he has a peace that I am unable to find right now.
I am also distressed that Holy Week isn't celebrated in our church. We will have a Maundy Thursday service, which is celebrating the Last Supper. We have no Tam-bra (spelling?) service on Good Friday and there is no Sun rise service on Easter morning. This Lent has been hard on me. 
So I guess my question is: Is this the sort of thing that happens all the time when you work for God?

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