Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We're Back!

Yes, the rumors you might have heard are true, we're back. I started the rumor, so I should know! I get my information mainly by looking at my bathroom mirror and noticing the herd remembers me. I have been thinking about how to process all the stories I have about out trip for you and I have no idea how to go about that, so I will give you random pictures and stories and if you want to know more, you will need to comment! There, I knew I could find a way to make more people comment!
   First off, we stopped at Vicksburg MS. to see a Civil War battleground. I would like to state for the record that Kentucky was on both sides of the war as was Missouri and think they should not be considered southern states! (Sorry Pat.) I would also like to mention that you can tell Yankee's are running these National Moments because they don't know the real reason's why the war was started or who started it. 

When we got to New Orleans later that same day, we got our room and went out to check the area. I took pictures on my phone and might put them on here later. When we woke up in the morning and opened our blinds, this is what we saw, our boat! OK I know it's too big to be called a boat, it's a ship! I also know that you call it a ship when it holds little boats on it to save people when the thing hits an ice burg! 

This is me as we pull out of New Orleans, and yes, I was excited about the whole thing! It was pointed out to us that the Philippine-o Mafia was in charge of this boat. There are 2,800 passengers and 1,500 workers most of which are from the Philippines. They could get anything for you and are some of the sweetest people on the whole boat! The people on the boat that I thought about throwing off all happened to be from northern states, and they have no idea there was even a Civil War!

This is me at Costa Maya, which was a really cool place. Seeing these Mayan temples was my main reason for wanting to go a vacation. Wait, that's not true. I wanted to sit around on a boat, and gain all the weight back that I had lost, that's always the reason to go on vacation! These temples are not to be confused with the Aztec's that did human sacrifices. The Mayan worshipped many god's and this is one of the temple's where that was done. Learned a lot from our tour guide Sergio, who was Mayan!

This temple is in Belize and the little guy with us is Conner. He thought "we" were the whole reason for the tour and was a lot of fun! All in all I took too many pictures of sunsets and towel animals that I will be sharing with you tomorrow, so now you know what to look forward to! I would like to add before I sign off for the day that we should be seeing all that we can of this nation and world before we get too old to do it. Climbing to the top of these temples is something you just can't do when you get too old, and you really need to see things from the top sometimes. In fact, our quad's hurt for three day's after we climb up these things. Also, men should not wear long dark socks with shorts unless they are in New Zealand, where everyone does it! This is a sure sign you are a Yankee, and I will shun you. Please remember to tip your wait staff unless they already have a 15% gratuity added on to the bill and in that case, just gripe about it. And one more thing, to those of you (5) that sent me a birthday card, thanks! To the ton on Facebook that said Happy Birthday, most of who were from Wilmore and High school, thanks also! I tried to eat the cake!

This cake was given to me by the boat people. I found out very quickly that while the Philippine-o Mafia could cook egg's and bacon, they didn't make any of their desserts near sweet enough for a Southern Bell like me! Which ended up being a good thing after I got on the scale this morning and saw that I gained my eight pounds back. That's got to be some kind of record for me. A month to take it off and six day's to put it all back on. Look out Weight Watchers, I'm home!

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redheadbeck said...

Welcome home Workmand family, Welcome home!!! I'm sure your herd was happy you are home!!! And hopefully part of that weight is water weight!!!! And will slide right off!!! Love your face as your pulling out of dock!!! Look forward to hearing more about your trip!!

Love and hugs!!