Thursday, February 17, 2011

Going stealth

Today be da day! I don't have to venture into the Creek, so I will be preparing the house for the "Herd Watchers!" We have three different Herd Watchers coming to, well, watch the herd of course. Bathrooms to be cleaned, clothes to be washed and packed, just an almost endless list to get done so we can head to New Orleans in the morning and jump in the big boat on Sunday!   So you know what that means, I won't be posting till we get back at the  end of the month. So for all of you who haven't been following me for a year, I encourage you to go back and read last years stuff! While I am basking in the sun, pool side, I will be thinking of things to blog about. Maybe this time of vacation will cause me to be a better blogger? As long as I don't see any men in Speedo's I should be OK. If I do have to witness that, you will hear about it and if I can get a picture, well you too will have that burned on your memory!

I am happy to report that the dogs have been going on daily walks and they are loven life again! Gracie was packing to leave because she was so bored! The moles seem to be moven around some too. The garlic has loved the snow and seems to be waiting for more sun before it starts to go crazy! I have my cucumber seeds and I'm daring the last frost to happen! Now that the ground is void of snow, the birds have somewhere else to go. It could also be that the wind is blowing like we live in Kansas again, and the birds are walking today!

We have our first gathering with our crazy friends that we went through training with The CALL! Have to bring some food to share and I'm taking in some of my smaller clothes that really don't fit anymore. I figure we are starting up a clothes closet at D's house and there might be some teenagers that need clothes. This is going to be so cool. We'll give stuff to the closet and when any of us get's a kids or group of kids and we need clothes and stuff, we'll call D and she will set us up for free. The government (Department of Human Services) will go get you some clothes, but they usually don't get the right sizes and it has to be exchanged. Working with Christians is much easier and it seems like this might be how the early church started. Sharing everything! 

Prince Yazi
So be good while I'm gone! I'll take lots of pictures and have stories to tell when I get back! Don't forget to check back! I'd hate to lose any of you while I'm gone! Yazi is watching you!


redheadbeck said...

Pretty boy Yazi!!!! I'm sooooo excited for you!!! Don't forget the sunscreen!!! Don't want you to be miserable on your cruise!!! Have a wonderful time and I look forward to "hearing" all about it when you get home!!!

Dustin said...

Please no pictures of men in Speedos!!! Have fun.