Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Get a Hold

The night in New Orleans we went to Drago's and had 12 of their charbroiled oysters! They have spinach, garlic butter and parmesan cheese on them, then they are thrown on the  fire. I usually don't like these things, but Oh My Gosh they were yummy! So yummy that we ordered another 12 and that was our dinner! This was the start to my weight gain! I have gotten back on the wagon and we took the dogs for a walk this morning, so I'm feeling a little better about the whole vacation over eating frenzy! I don't know why I go so crazy when I'm not at home, is anybody else like that?

Have you noticed the price of food is slowly starting to climb? Well, it is. If you haven't been paying attention you better start, cuz it's only going to get worse! Preacher man and I were in Sam's yesterday thinking about buying in bulk and starting to store things again. We did that some years back and it got crazy to move five gallon buckets of flour and sugar around every few months. However, I'm thinking that the time is drawing near when having money isn't going to buy you much. As much as we don't like to think about it, we need to think about it.

This is a picture of my favorite towel animal! It's a pig wearing my sunglasses! Love it! I haven't gotten everything unpacked yet, so that's what I'm going to do today. I am also going to get my calendar together and try and get a hand hold on my life. I may need to cut back on work, so I can Master Garden and do spiritual direction. I may even have to stop working... I always have good intention when I start a small part time job and the next thing you know I'm busting butt and working all the time. When Preacher man says I don't have to work, I really need to listen to him! Also thinking about running again now that the weather has broken into a somewhat spring thing! I don't know why I have to fill every minute with something!


redheadbeck said...

The pig is adorable!!! And the oysters look fab!!! And yes! I'm exactly like that!! Some of my other girlfriends that I have vacationed with will be trying to make low-fat, low cal decisions and I'm saying, "I'm on vacation!!"

Good luck with juggling the calendar! It's always a balancing act-our lives are just like that-but unlike you I don't have to fill every minute with something!

Prayers and hugs to you!

Lindsay said...

No kidding about those grocery prices! I think it's time to start stocking up. In fact, I might need a job so we can afford to stock up! :)