Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weather you need!

Saturday morning fog
I believe that this crazy month of doing something ever single day is just about to call it quits! I have just returned home from Mt. Eagle, which I have decided is a little too far away. It's close to Clinton, just pass Leslie next to well, nothing but trees. I do love going there, but twice in one month is a little much, even for me. This has been the first time I have been there when it was so cold and we had a storm on Friday night. I had two roomies that made noises of the night so I slept with my handy dandy ear plugs, and I still got woke up by the storm! The next morning, in fact all weekend long, we did not see the sun, not even once! We did however, get socked in by the fog and that really was something. I've lived in California, so I've been around fog before, but this was different. Maybe it was because it moved in and stayed. Maybe due to the fact that Sister Macrina told us "sometimes you don't get the weather you want, but you get the weather you need!" I believe all of us needed that socked-in-ness that the fog provided. 
Red bud wet from fog

I forget if I told you or not, but this was a retreat for clergy spouses that is given once a year and it's the first one I've been to. The really cool part was that three of my spiritual direction class mates were also there! Sister Macrina Wiederkehr of St Scholastica was our presenter and she talked about the seven sacred pauses, which are the times that the Benedictines' pray durning the day, it is also the name of her newest book. HIGHLY recommend it to all my spiritual friends that love that kind of thing anyway. What I have found interesting is that while St Scholastica is a Benedictine order, they don't pray seven times a day, only the Trappist do. Yes, if you were wondering, that is what the Abbey at Gethsemani is and I did pray the seven sacred pauses when I was there.

Freeze-dried okra
It was a lovely time full of new friends, shared hopes and tons of FOOD! OMG, was there ever good food there! One of my newest favorite foods in freeze-dried okra, this is what it looks like. I suggest that if you're at a silent retreat, do not bite into one of these and try to keep quite about it! One of the noisiest things I have ever eaten, but yummy! 

Preacher man and I will be praying over our newest group of CALL graduates tonight and it's very exciting for me. I haven't had the opportunity to pray over people like I did in Wilmore, so I'm jumping around doing the anointing dance, which I just made up!   

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