Friday, March 25, 2011


Why is it that when my sister and I go our separate ways it hurts my heart? We had a sweet visit for three day's and it wasn't long enough, it never is. She has to go back to her world and step out of mine and I'm on my way to yet another retreat that I'm sure will hold new things for me. But I miss being sister's under the same roof! We both have our issues and things that are pulling on us, but it is always nice to take sometime and just be sister's up close again.  
This picture is when I remember her coming along and taking my time away from mom and dad by half! I always told her she was adopted and she never was good at cutting her own hair! But as we got older...much older, a bond has formed between us that was straight from God! I think we will really be living closer to each other when we are older. We will sit together for a beer and a class of wine and we will share our thoughts on life and how things could have been different. We will laugh at the silliest things, I will miss pronounce a ton of words, she will call me by our mothers name and we will cry over something. We have always been there for each other. The best part is Preacher man get's it and he loves driving us around and being our third wheel. But when we have to say good bye, it always makes my heart sad! I love you Dee, you make my life happy and I look forward to hanging out more with you, sooner than later!

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