Monday, March 28, 2011


I find it rather fun going to retreats, do you? If you don't, you so should cuz they have the potential to start changing your life in small, almost unseen ways. "I don't have any available to me" you might be thinking. I have to tell you then, you aren't looking hard enough. It's nice to go with a group or to go alone, last week I did both. In fact, the retreat's I've gone on with groups, I have not known the groups and that has been pretty special. I guess my point to this is you need to step out of your normal day to day stuff and let God shake you up just a little. 

We grow when we're uncomfortable, did you know that? When everything is going according to our plan, not so much growth. Start doing something new and different and change comes along like a freight train. I'm thinking it's because we allow ourselves to be open to new possibilities. My new possibilities are in silence and solitude. Doesn't even sound like me does it!? I've talked to work and I'm cutting back on my hours. Mainly, I have too much going on to be messing with work, but it's also because I want to do a lot more than I use to. This time in my life is not so much about the almighty dollar as it is about the relationships and the things I can be learning. It's about finding my spot on the blanket. It's about letting God mold me the way he wants to, without the list from me. It's about living simpler, enjoying the presence of God and seeking him in everything that's around me. It's about fixing lunch for the Preacher man and eating with him. It's about volunteering my time where I want to, not where they tell me to. It may even be about pausing seven times during the day to pray and give God glory. 

It has become apparent, at least to me, that we are all too busy for our own good. We get up running and we fall into bed and don't take the time to just BE. Today is a be day for me.   

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