Sunday, March 6, 2011


I am sad! I think my computer has died! I went to turn it on yesterday so I could check emails and gripe about how tired I was from working 'One Creek', and nothing! I mean nothing! So Preacher Man is letting me use his laptop and I will be going to Fayetteville tomorrow morning to the Apple doctor. This means that my blogging might be a little sporadic and picture-less, but please don't give up one me. I pray I haven't lost everything, which is something I should have learned a few computers ago! Why do we find it so hard to back our computers up? Do you do it? I don't, and I'm alway sorry when I can't turn the dang thing on. I will keep you posted on the life of the iMac. Now, for a moment of silence........

Preacher Man preached today and did a bang up job! Why am I always surprised that he's getting better every time he get's to preach? Silly me! The handbells got to ring at the third service too and we did pretty good! The whole church is also doing a study together for Lent. It's a Max Lucado study on Luke, which I'm not real crazy about. Reason being, Max doesn't get real deep and I like deep. However, he does make you think and I think I'm going to like that. We are leading a class on Sunday's, which I would rather be napping during that time, but I'm trying to be good.

I have a whole chicken in the oven, candles are burning, herd has been fed and Carl Edwards is in first place. I can not believe I am watching and enjoying Nascar! My life is so not what it use to be! Oh My Goodness! Carl just won!!! Back flip time! Yeah!!! I can't remember the last time he won. I would post the picture that I took with Carl, but alas, it's stuck in the broke Apple... OK, I'm sad again.

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