Thursday, March 3, 2011


New Orleans
One of the hardest things about a vacation besides the packing and all the junk you gotta do before you even get out of town, is coming home and fitting back into what hasn't waited on you while you've been gone. I just want to stop all this and make everyone take some time off to hang out with me. Alas, it don't work that way! I must return to the Creek today and I believe I'm going to ask to have my hours cut back. Why, you might ask, because I can, I will answer! My calendar is filling up with way too much to be bothered with too much work. It's spring and I need to do my Master Gardener hours, plant my own stuff, go and do and be! I was talking with a friend the other day and when I told her what I had been up to, she said nothing had changed, my life was as crazy as it was in Wilmore! Sadly, she is right and I feel like I learned something and I'm not putting it to practice. I like being at home for lunch when Preacher man comes home! I like to read, and chat with friends. I like to learn more about who God is calling me to be and if I'm too busy I won't hear him call. 

Preacher man and I had an ah-ha moment yesterday and I don't know if I would have gotten it if I had been working like a crazy person. In the past, before Preacher man was, we were just us, powering our way through life as movers, shakers and get-her-doners. Everything we undertook, we changed and grew to new heights and it was good. This continued as we went to Wilmore and Preacher man was formed. However for me, things started to change and I ran into some really thick walls I couldn't power through or around. I was devastated, unable to move because this had never happened to me before. It was almost like being stuck in quicksand, the more you move and thrash about, the faster you go down. So I rested, in a stubborn kind of a way with arms crossed and mouth pressed shut. And the coolest thing started to happen, God showed up! OK, God was already there, I was just to busy to see, so I guess the right way to say it is, I showed up! 

This quicksand is exactly where Preacher man and I have found ourselves, me again, him for the first time. Our situation is a place that God has put us, good or bad, and He is the only one that can get us through. We can not power our way through this, fix the issues, update the language, lead the way, hold the hands or heal the hurts. As much as we would like to. We are here to learn the lesson of joyful submission! In that joyfulness of captivity, I mean submission, a door has opened to us through The CALL. Don't know what it all looks like yet, but as one friend told me this door is opening up to something!

I don't know if you ever find yourself in places like this, that are un-moveable and to be honest, painful. I lied, I do know, and if your honest with yourself you have found yourself there or your there right now! Just stop! Stop and rest with arms crossed over your chest and your lip poking out. Give it sometime and see what doors God starts to open for you and which ones He will close if you get your stinken' hands off the knob!     

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redheadbeck said...

Am there!!! Have been there for a while! For last 2 weeks my daily prayer has been something like this, "Dear Lord I confess my total dependence on you, fill me with your spirit so that all I think, say and do will be about you-and I trust you to work your mighty ways through me!" When you don't know what to do next (stuck) next to do just do the next right thing!

Love ya!