Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shower Day!

I'm going to do it! I'm going to take a shower today! Much to Preacher mans dismay, I have this lovely little habit. If I don't have to go out to do anything, I'm not showering. This was more of a big deal when I didn't have a job, or much else to do. We have been at a stand still here in the NorthWest corner of the fine and prepared for snow, state of Arkansas! I haven't showered since Monday when I became a Master Gardener. I posted that picture on Facebook, but had forgotten that not all of you are plugged up to that crazy thing so I will share that with you today! Along with the news that I'm going to shower today!

I am also going to try and get out of the driveway! Preacher man left for the church in hopes of getting some stuff done there and took the Chevy. As you might recall, the Chevy is only two wheel drive. But that great truck has lived in Colorado and knows how to slide in the right direction. He called to let me know that the roads were still a sheet of ice, which is so hard for me to understand. Do these people not know about MAD Chloride? We heard on the news last night that DOT won't use plows because it tears up the roads! He must get around on a hoover craft, or he doesn't drive much. 

I graduated as a Master Gardener on Monday (last shower) and got a shirt, name tag and certificate. Now I have to give back 40 hours of volunteer time, and that should be fun.

I'm off to shower and get a hair cut, in that order! I will take pictures if I see a plow doing what it was made to do...PLOW!   


Joe Lybrand said...

I wondered what that smell was !


Alex said...

It's true yall, she showered. Pray for me that she makes it 2 days in a row. lol