Friday, February 11, 2011


The coolest thing happened the evening of our huge snow storm. I tried very hard for about, oh I don't know, 10 minutes, to shovel the snow in the driveway! Let me say first off if I had the right equipment to start with I could have made hay of that snow. But given that my mode of operation was founded and based on a snow magnet, well just forget it. Toward the end of the 24 inches of white stuff falling to the ground, a rather large knock was heard by Preacher man, who was parked on the couch in all his sickness. "Was that you?" he asked. "Was what me?" I answered from the kitchen. "That knocking on the front door." Did I tell you he was sick? So I head over to the front door and to my joy I see three short, snow covered dudes! They introduced themselves as our neighbors who live right over there, pointing in the direction of their house. "We were wondering," said the spokesmen of the group "if you would like us to shovel your drive way?" "How much you chargen?" I asked as I was thanking Jesus for sending these guys to my door! "Well," the 10 year old said "for you $30 bucks." I asked them if they would take a check. They screamed over to their mom, who was standing in their driveway, "Do we take checks?" Needless to say we struck a bargain and off they went with their 1 snow shovel and 1 dirt diggen shovel. I sent Preacher man out there to check on them cuz I hadn't showered (surprise!) and didn't want everyone to see me looking so cute! He came back in laughing. Come to find out the three amigo's were getting help from mom and dad. Preacher man asked them what was up and they told him that the three amigo's looked so pitiful that they had to help. So we paid them and off they went. 

Yesterday, after we went to town to stock up on dog and cat food, we drove by the three amig0's house and I believe it was the leader from the day before who was trying to tunnel under the snow in his yard, using his head with a hoodie on it. He was covered! I love snow, now it's time for you to go!      

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