Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another snow day!

Before Preacher man was 'Preacher man' and he was just Alex and we moved to Colorado, they stopped getting the huge snows that they usually got. We moved to Kentucky and Colorado get's dumped on. While in Kentucky, they got floods, ice storms and snow! Now that we're in Arkansas we have snow! Not just a few inches like they usually get, but at this point 18 inches and falling! Momma said we better tell the DS to watch out where he sends us next.
This is the shovel we have for moving snow! You can't tell from this example that we ever even lived in Colorado. Now that we have waited until, well, now, Lowe's has no shovels! If the handle looks short, it's because it is. I'm short and it's too short for me! Also you will notice that it's made of metal...snow sticks to metal. That's why snow shovels are made of plastic! To add to the fun, Preacher Man is sick and I don't know if I've told you or not but he's one of those guys that hates to be taken care of! Sick people are no fun in the snow, especially 18 inches of it!

Our Big Truck!
This is a picture of our 4x4 truck! What do you think? I have to shovel a path to it before I can even get in it. Heck, I have to clean it off before I even get in it! So the ever correct weather people were calling for 2-4 inches. I stock this up there with the groundhog calling for an early spring! I love how they always tell us, "If you don't have to be out in this, stay home!" While they are out on the road! Go figure. 

I sat down yesterday and made a list of things we needed from the store that I was going to pick up today. To make matters more wonderful, Preacher man broke the coffee pot two days ago and on my list was a new pot. So he got up this morning and made what he calls Cowboy coffee. I call it campen' coffee. This is that pot, or I believe the correct thing to call it is a percolator!
We'll be fine as we wait to go on our vacation that's 8 days away. Did I tell you Preacher man is taking me on a cruise? We're going to the Belize area, I've always wanted to see the Mayan ruins. Don't plan on getting off the boat except there. Going to be sitting by the pool a whole lot! Going to get my share of vitamin D that I haven't been getting in Arkansas, cuz the sun doesn't come out much. Heck, the only place the sun comes out in the winter is Colorado, who am I foolen? 

I got a great book list from my friend Denise who is still at seminary! She is taking the same Spiritual Direction class I took, but from a different teacher, lucky girl! So I went online and ordered 3 books yesterday. 'The Cloud of Unknowing', "Introduction to the Devout Life" by St. Francis De Sales and 'The Spiritual Exercise" by Ignatius of Loyola. That's 3 out of 33, not much, but it's a start! I'm off to cook Preacher man some breakfast and see if I can talk him into feeling better! I took a movie of the dogs in the snow, I'm going to try and figure out how to post that too. Peace out people!

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