Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wasting Time

We got about 4 inches of snow and it's still falling. I just gotta share something of how backwards some states are. I can do this because I have been a registered voter in the states that I talk about. If you have been a registered voter in those states, you can talk about them too, if not, you will just have to take my word for it. 

Colorado knows how to do winter! No and, it's or but's about it. They have had their 4th cup of coffee and are on the road by 4:00 in the AM! Almost everyone has a plow on the front of their truck and weight in their cars. They drive slow and keep an eye out for crazy out of state drivers that think a 4x4 can stop any better than a can of beans running down a cliff! All summer long they collect sand and they have trucks that put out the miracle potion; MAD CHLORIDE! Don't really know what it is but think that any chemical that get's mad is ok by me. This stuff when sprayed correctly Kentucky, will take care of frozen stuff on the roads and you won't have to use small rocks and salt Arkansas! Good grief, I'm scared to go outside when one of the four gravel trucks go by in case I get beamed in the head. By the way, they haven't come by yet. Rogers also has two salt trucks! Guess how many plow trucks they have? Wrong! ZERO! Now Arizona is pretty good at winter, the south end doesn't have it! The high spots and North Rim, well they believe in huge boulders in the back of your truck for traction, and staying inside to drink beer.

In conclusion, I will state that Colorado is my state of choice for winter and getting around in it! It does however, stay winter for nine months and it's very hard to grow a garden with snow on top of everything. So I'm thinking of running for "Roads and Winter fixen" and show these people how to do removal!

Now, I must go write my paper or Preacher man will stick me head first in a snow drift, of say 4 inches...I could get out of that! OH LOOK!! It's a Redheaded Woodpecker!!   

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