Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blah blah!

PH with the flat cat!
Did I tell you that I got my paper wrote? I need to polish it up and send it off, might have time to work on it this afternoon. I am hoping that I do better on this one than I did on the last one. I didn't tell you about the 'B' did I? Well, I think after reading it, that I went on a ranting tierate and Dr. Fred called me on it and gave me a 'B'. Now one of the things that ALL seminary people learn is that grades just aren't the icing we all think they are. It hurts and we feel that if God called us into this, surely we deserve an 'A'. NOT! Preacher man is helping me see that a 'B' is a great thing and to get over myself. So, I am starting a new book and the last one until the cohort meets again in March. This one is called Soul Friend. Spiritual Direction in the Modern World. The author is Kenneth Leech, I've read his stuff before and I think I liked it. We'll see what happens, I can tell you I'm not real happy with the way it's starting, but I've been wrong before.

Went to work yesterday and I learned a few new chores that should keep me employed through the slow time. I'm thinking that if you can sell clothes, they want you. If you have other skills on top of that, they want you around cuz when it's slow, you can do the other stuff. Which is cool, cuz if I'm going to be at work, I want to be working or I want to go home. Now I know how to do fright, which is unpacking the clothes and stuff that comes to us, hang, steam, and put up. I learned yesterday how to print out tickets on clothes that have lost their tickets. Today, who knows, but I want to be doing something or I need to come home. I didn't get to go to Master Gardener training on Thursday because it was a snow day, so now we have to make that day up on February 1st. Crazy winter weather!

So, I guess I'm going to church tomorrow. I keep waiting for God to release me from going and it's just not happening. Instead he is showing me that I'm not to give up. I told him today that I don't want to do any of this anymore, I don't want to pray for the church, I don't want to serve communion, I don't want to.. what else am I doing? I guess that's about it. I started to feel like Jonah and I want to go the other way. So now here I sit, in the belly of a big fish and I wait... So God, if you want me to pray for these people, you know I don't want to, so change my heart to see them as you see them. Amen!   

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