Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!

My African Violet!
I had my first class in Master Gardener training yesterday, in fact it was all day yesterday! I found myself grinning as the first speaker talked about soil and then fertilizer. He then touched on pesticides and that's always fun. No one likes to admit that they use them. They call themselves green/organic and refuse to spray anything that might hang out and hurt the environment. This took me back to my college day's when I was studying all this at ASU and I thought, I really do love this stuff! I love everything about gardening right now as I look out my window onto the two inches of snow. Yeah, that's right, we are having a snow day and I can't even believe they call this snow a problem. The schools are closed, so that means the church is too and Preacher man will be staying home today! Anyway, after lunch we talked about pruning and lawns. It was a very long day and I was looking forward to being out of that room! I'm not use to sitting all day long and it about put me over the edge. Needless to say I didn't blog, mainly cuz I didn't have time. So I will be going in for class two on Thursday and won't blog that day either. Wanted to hit on another Wesley question before it get's too far from my thought.

  • Am I a slave to dress, friends, work or habits?
 Maybe we should just move along and not worry about this one so much! However, I want you to think about it and answer it honestly, so I need to huh? Somewhat! That's my answer, and here's my thinking on it. Being a slave is to be owned by something or someone. I would say that the one I struggle the most with is work. I'm a little obsessed with keeping the calendar full of work. It can be at the Creek, the house, ringing bells, doing training... My gosh, when you look at my calendar it's just sad that there isn't more down time. So, I have to answer yes to the work part, which might include habits. I'll have to think on that one a little more, cuz I'm not sure what my habits are.

Now, I don't have any friends here so I can answer that one pretty quick. On to dress, hummm. This is strange cuz I'm not a slave to it. I wear whatever as long as it fits. However, with the Creek, I have to wear nicer than normal Kim pickens. I could live in jeans and sweatshirts, for like ever. Oh, and don't forget sweatpants! I am not a slave to dress and if I had my way, would go for comfort always! 

Wow, I just got a call from Vicki, one of the bosses at the Creek... we aren't going to open today either, so that means I have a snow day too. I'm in shock! I need to get up and get to work on the house! WAIT! I think I'll put on the comfortable clothes and have another pot of coffee. Looks like the birds are awake and need some food and water that's not frozen. How cool is this!  

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