Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have this really hard to read gynormose bread book that I pulled off the shelf yesterday thinking I would make some bread. It has all the European breads recipes in it and I thought I would throw one of them together and start yet another hobby for myself. Do you know that some of these breads take five day's to make! Who has the time and follow through, not to mention counter space to work on a bread for five day's? Well then you need a job at a bakery! So I got pretty short with the book and started calling it all kinds of names and wanting to throw the thing in the trash. Now let me remind you that I have never made bread before, ever. Preacher man found my one packet of yeast and it died in 2009, that's how much bread I've made! So I now have decided that not only will I never be able to make bread, but maybe I should just stop eating it all together, I'll show it! Stupid stuff! That's probably the whole reason Wonder Bread got started, someone like me started pouting about how hard it was and they thought they could make money off of me!

Preacher man found a recipe in another book, that by the way has the directions for Cheese Grits in it! It's called Easy Homemade Bread. It took all day but I got herdone, and we had hot bread for desert. Here's a picture of the one big loaf and the two out of three little loafs I made! I don't know why they were so ruff looken on top, but they sure tasted good. So now I'm thinking I can at least look at the pictures in that other book and think about making cool European bread one day. What I really want to do is make the bread for the communion service I help with on Sunday's. Do you think it would be tacky if I showed up with butter in case someone needed it a little moist?    

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