Monday, December 13, 2010

Paper, rule and water

Sent the research paper off Friday and now I have to do a taped review, that I'm sure will waste a few hours that I don't have. Sometime this week I need to carve out three hours to take the final, then I am done with online classes. I have not enjoyed this class at all! I do not learn well this way. I'm sure some people do, that it fits the need when you can't get to a class in person, but you can have it. So I will be finishing up sometime this week!

New rule! No walking the dogs when it's below 20 degrees outside. It was 1o this morning and has warmed up to 11! Welcome to the south huh? I was watching Earl and Pearl Squirrel this morning and I believe they keep their tail up their back to act as a coat. They don't look so cold, but I'm sure they are. I am going to have to get a bird bath water heater so the birds will have liquid water to drink. Right now they bounce off the ice. Momma and daddy got me a magazine subscription to "Birds & Blooms" and I love it. They are telling me that a clean bird is a happy bird, so having liquid water is important. I am going to try my hand at making suet, as I have some dried cranberries that need to be eaten before they go bad. Not to sure when that will happen cuz I'm busy as a one armed paper hanger from now until the first of the year. 

Had the orientation meeting for Master Gardener last week and that looks to be fun. There was a silent action and I tried to get the Preacher Man a small ice box for his office, but that didn't happen. However, I did get out of there with a fountain. I'm so excite about it that I could scream! I really want the sound of water around the house and yard and have not been able to afford anything large. So when I saw this fountain I had to bid on it. I was the high bid and then  Lois and I had to get the thing in her car. It came in two pieces, but both were rather heavy. We found a 2-wheeler and got that baby loaded up and Preacher Man helped us get it out when we got to the house. It has a light that goes in it and three tiers that the water flows down. It's sitting in the garage right now cuz the Christmas tree is in the way. I would like to set it up in the house, so it won't freeze and I can hear it running. Frozen water doesn't sound as nice and I don't think it would be as relaxing to listen to. The picture is one I found, not what I have, but it's close. There is no ball in mine...yet. Gracie might like the idea!        

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redheadbeck said...

So excited for you regarding your fountain! And I LOVE "Birds and Blooms!" Don't have my own subscription but scored several somewhere. And my dogs don't even want to go out and pee it's so cold!!!!