Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This is one of the weeks I have been looking forward to as Bible studies come to an end and I regain a small part of my time back. We had to move the last prayer study to tonight as Alex and I had a meeting on Monday and tomorrow is the last one with Beth Moore, which I have enjoyed partly. The partly that I have enjoyed has been spending a small amount of time with Susan and listening to Beth on video. I have not enjoyed the know it all ego's and un-personal prayers that show up every week. I miss people asking for real life prayers. Stuff like, "I need prayers for my anger when I go to work." or "I need prayer to have an understanding spirit when my brother calls and dumps on me yet again." I'm not saying that we don't need to pray for Robert's neighbor's Uncle's sister, but tell me her name and what's wrong with her for Pete's sake! I am just so tired of general prayers. I look on the prayer list that we get on Sunday, and I don't know how to pray for them cuz it's so general. This is something I have been talking about with my prayer class and I really think they are starting to get it. Personal prayers have power to them! Here's an example of what I'm talking about. I write down on a prayer card "Total physical healing for Courtney. That they would find out what's wrong with her." Translation to the prayer list "Courtney's health". The difference in the way I pray for Courtney is huge when I'm given some information to go off of. My class use to say things like "Well, God knows what needs to be prayed for." That is true, but when we pray the specifics it's like taking a lasar of God's power and finding the root of what's going on. General pray is about throwing blankets on people. If I have someone praying for me, you can bet I'm giving specifics. When, not if,  you pray for your pastors, be specific and ask that God protect their personal time. That He would anoint them to teach, preach and heal! Not that they would have a good day, or that God would fix them. Get specific about what you pray for and watch how things start to change, mostly you will change, so be ready for that. You will start to think about what your praying for. What is God's will for Janet? Does He really want her out of her marriage or does He want her healed from the inside out? Free from the demons that blind her to her true beauty and keep her hands tied to her side when they should be around her family? 
Do you pray that God will give you a parking spot close to the front of the store? Really?!! Do you thank God when you get that spot? Do you really think He cares where you park? Come on, let's be people that pray the specifics in life! Father open the eyes of your people that they would see where we are headed as a nation. Crack open the heart of our President and put a longing to know Jesus Christ in there! Someone prayed for you to know Christ. Now is the time to pray the specifics!          


redheadbeck said...

WOW!!! I LOVED this post!!!!!!! I have been away a couple of days and was catching up!! And I was thinking right on sistah!!! And a lot of this thinking was opened up to my heart during the Crazy Love study I was just involved in at the BAPTIST church!! Yes! I was needing fed and they had this women's bible study open, and my church was not having one for a while so I jumped where pulled!!! But I so agree on specific praying and it hits me smack dab in the middle of the forehead because unlike you, I have a horrible time revealing pieces of me to anyone!!! I was conditioned from a small child that when someone asks, "How are you?" You say "GREAT!! And you?" And was taught no one wants to hear your woes~but as I've grown up and have all these hurts, dents, and scars!! I've found I'm not alone and that there is someone who not only wants to hear from me, about all of me, he LONGS to hear from me!!!! And in fact he's placed other believers in my life to help me on my journey!!!!!!!! My family was wrong!!! You do not have to hide your stuff!!!

I was shocked to find I was mentioned in your blog-but you know~~~it's okay-in fact I'm glad God has placed me on your heart and you are specifically praying for my healing of my Demon's that were preventing me from reflecting God's light!!

And after all that rambling! Ha!- When you are praying specifically-for yourself and others-it reveals areas where you may be weak and it strengthens your armor and straightens your walk with God!

Kimer said...

Red, You have always and will always be so special to me. I see you and I know you! Love ya too!