Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hot Water Heaters

I have to start off with a disclaimer, I have lost my editor. I know where he is, but I was informed last week that he had to cut back on somethings in his life and this blog is one of them. I totally understand and in fact I'm rather proud of him for saying enough to the demands on his life and time. Yeah Mitch! However, you my 7 readers, will be the ones who suffer because now you will be reading me like I talk, with no filter in place. So you have been warned, enter at your own risk.
We had a hot water heater issue on Sunday that got resolved on Monday morning with the plumber dude showing up and replacing the silly thing. Have I told you that Alex is just about the handiest guy I know, and that he was an excellent heat and air guy for over 20 years? So when I find the problem, which is like a gifting from God sometimes, I ask Alex if that's how it's suppose to be. An example is the way I can spot a low tire on any vehicle and be right as rain about it. Alex use to argue with me about it, but I was always right, and he would have to add air, so now he just starts up the air compressor. He has told me it's because I've never just had a flat tire, I always have blow outs. So when water was standing in the garage around the boxes that were by the freezer I thought, "Oh good goggly! The freezer is broke!" When I opened the freezer it was still freezing so the next place I looked was the hot water heater. Yep, there was water in there. So pastor Alex comes out and says in his HVAC voice "I believe we have a hot water heater problem!" I have learned to believe him on these things and in all honesty, I believe the landlord is starting to understand that he's not your normal renter. So when Alex told them to make sure the guy brings some help because it was going to take two of them, he knew what he was talking about. The plumber called and told Alex he was going to swing by and see what the problem was and was told the bottom was rusting out and a new heater was needed. 
"Oh, and if it matters, I did heating and air for over 20 years." 
"Oh, I'll just go pick up a new one then." 
It's fun being a preacher's wife when people think you've done it all your life and them you get to blow their mind by what you know and what you've done.
So I'm off to take my run and see what's up around the hood. Keep an eye out for the little things that could be big things if you ignore them.    

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