Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Woke up this morning to rain and yuckiness. Why is it when I want to run and get things going around here the weather always has something else in mind? After I travel, I want to get back in my routine so I know what day it is, where I should be and who's going to be looking for me. We traveled to Thumbing Shoals on Sunday to see my folks and celebrate Momma's birthday. We got home yesterday (Monday) evening and heard about how miss treated the cat is from, well, the cat! He talked to us for I feel like at least an hour, before he finally settled down in between us on the couch to be petted and poked at. This morning, the dogs barely got up to eat; traveling is getting hard on them. I know they would get up and go for a walk with me, but Gracie ran hard after sticks at her Grandma's house and is limping today. 

I settled in, in front of the computer to see what was going on in the world since I last sat here. I thought about not even going to the online discussion page, but wanted to see if pig head had said anything else to me. I guess I just love to be rilled up! You maybe happy to know that not only did he not say anything to me, I got another posting on my discussion agreeing with me about how Bishops should go back into the local church after they are done being bishops. She also said that there was no high calling in the church than to a preacher! I happen to agree with her. You may also be happy to know that NO ONE has commented on Bob's posting that I shared with you on Friday's blog! I am pretty happy about this because it helps me feel like I'm not as crazy as I think I am! (Well, I know I'm crazy, I just feel like some people 'get me' every now and then.) Two more modules and this class is done. I found out I have to take an online 3 hour test for my final, and I can't tell you how over joyed I am about that. I am half way through the book I need to read and have a paper wrote by the end of this month for spiritual direction. Can't say the book is all that good yet, might not be able to even after I'm done, but I'll let you know.

Another reason we went to see my folks was to let them know that we are looking into being foster/adopt parents. The CALL, which stands for Children of Arkansas Loved for a Lifetime, is who we're going to work with and we have our first home visit this afternoon. I didn't want to start blogging about all this without talking to Mom and Dad first. They are supportive, which I knew they would be, but you like to give them the heads up first. Anyway, our lives will be going from crazy to unmanageable, I'm sure! While I will be blogging about my life, I will keep details about who the kids are and why they are with us to myself. We are thinking about asking for kids from age 8 to teenagers. Yes, we know that's crazy and the older age groups are the hardest ones to have. But think about how you needed someone to talk truth into your life when you were 12. Think about how you needed someone to encourage you and to care about what you thought when you were 14. Alex and I  seem to do things the hard way sometimes. Starting out in ministry at mid life, getting kids half grown, trying to be a voice in the wilderness... God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called! He always has and He always will. So we are confident that what He is calling us to, He will bring about. We know we can't do this and that's what makes it so cool. God will get all the glory! I am way to selfish to do this without Him  .http://vimeo.com/6576611

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redheadbeck said...

LOVE it girl!!! I "get" you and I LOVE it!!!

I see your God given value to these kids at their ages in an ultra clear way and I say "Right On!!!" Wow! How awesome would that have been for me at that age??

I'm way too selfish to do ANYTHING without him anymore!!!! I get that and own it!!! LOVE it!!! Ha!