Friday, November 12, 2010

Master Gardener!

I got the phone call I have been waiting on yesterday afternoon. Nancy Cuttingham called me to invite me to the Master Gardeners dinner in December where I will give them a check and I will get a book, a T-shirt and a name plate. So friends, it looks like I will be learning about being a master gardener in January! I can hardly wait! So that's the good news!

I'm walking a thin line in Polity class again, with the same pighead Bob. It started when I said I thought Bishops should come back into the system when they were done with their term as bishops. Our churches are dying and maybe we need to look at things differently starting at the top. Most of the bishops will retire or get caught up in the administration of the big church. I think the local church needs them and their experience. I would love to hear Bishop Huie preach. Anyway, Bob thinks bishops should be put in Ivory castles and if they do anything when they are done being bishops they should go into the seminary's and teach. You know those who can't preach, teach. He said young clergy should be the ones in the local church. Then I say where he's from the Episcopal church. Here's what he posted this morning:

As I read through all the "red tape" of the numerous conferences and regulations on Bishops and DS's, I can't help but think that there was far too much fear and distrust when all these rules were established. 

I think that a DS should stay a DS until s/he becomes a Bishop. I think that the conference ordained clergy should elect the Bishop, as biblically speaking, only elders make elders, and the Bishop-elect would know the culture and personalities of his/her own conference best. I think the Bishops should have authority and voice at the General Conference, as they are in a "General Superintendency." This is just the tip of the iceberg...

Perhaps I am too episcopal-minded to agree with UMC polity. I thought, coming from congregationalism, that UMC was much more episcopalian in governance than it really is. I am quite shocked at the checks and balances and the red tape involved in the superintendency! These persons are ordained and appointed--let them do their job

Don't you want him as your pastor? If you don't like how we run things maybe you should find another denomination to play with! This is the guy that messed up my GPA. I think the Methodist church is his 4th denomination. 

Anyway, Alex is chaining me to my computer so I can get this research paper out of the way. I worked on it yesterday and need to do more today so I can go outside and play in the leaves!   

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redheadbeck said...

So cool you're gonna be a Master Gardener!!! Look for Cross County folks when you do state stuff!!! I'm gonna do it "someday"!! Ha!!

Sorry about Bob!