Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jeep update

We finally had a guy come by for a second look at the Jeep yesterday, and he brought his wife, which is always a good sign. Alex installed a suicide knob on the steering wheel, because it takes forever to turn the wheel, and I have almost smacked myself silly trying to make fast turns to get out of someone’s way or get in the parking spot first. Anyway, if you don't know what a suicide knob is, you really should Google it to see it for yourself. It's this knob that you put somewhere on your steering wheel, and it helps you turn faster. It also whacks the pooh out of your right quad when you are hopping into the seat. It will take most of your longer necklaces and wrap them around your neck so tightly that your eyes start to pop out of your head, and if you have on something that will snag, well—you guessed it—it takes a bite out of it and won't let go. So this lovely knob is on the Jeep, and after you drive with the silly thing, you think about how cool it would be to have on all your vehicles. Bobbie, the wife of the guy looking at the Jeep, said at first it freaked her out, but then she just wanted to drive in circles.
Which reminded Alex and me of Robert and his very pregnant wife, Tara, back in Wilmore, Kentucky. Robert and Alex became friends right away at student orientation. I think guys that have been in the service and guys that are in the service can smell each other out. That's how it was with them. Well, in the course of our three and a half years together, Robert had three wrecks. The first one almost killed him, but an angel protected him. By the winter of ‘09 he had had his third and asked Alex if he could use the Jeep so he could get his kids to school and pregnant Tara to church and such. We were happy to help, cuz that's what you do at seminary. In fact, that's what God calls us to do all the time. (That's a blog for a different time.) The winter was rough, and we had our share of snow, so Robert was lovin’ the whole 4-wheel-drive Jeep adventure. Poor Tara had to go to the store one day, and Robert was at class, so she crawled into the Jeep and started down the road only to find that she could not steer the Jeep with a knob on it that kept hitting her in her almost nine-month belly. Bless her heart.
So needless to say, when you ask us what we like and don't like about the Jeep, we look at the suicide knob on the steering wheel, and we say, "It's fun to drive if you’re not too pregnant."
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