Thursday, October 21, 2010


I went and made this guy in my online class mad at me, and I gotta tell you, the first thing that comes to my mind is, "Get over yourself!" The part of the Discipline we're reading for this module is "The Ministry of the Ordained," which has to do with elders as well as deacons. One of the requirements for provisional membership is you have to "present a satisfactory certificate of good health by a physician" to the Board of Ordained Ministry. My point is that this isn't being enforced in any way, shape or form, from what I can see. Alex stood before the bishop this past spring, and two of the candidates that are going through with him had to be helped onto the platform because they were so overweight. I saw this and thought, “What's wrong with this picture?” The pastor is an example to the congregation—good, bad or indifferent. If you can't handle that, get out of the ministry. Bob, the guy I upset, seems to have a weight issue and proceeded to rake me over the coals. 
Two things happen to me when stuff like this happens. 1. The old wimpy Kim wants to make everyone happy and feel good, and I want to say how sorry I am that I've stepped on the toes of anyone in the world that might have gotten upset by what I said. 2. I want to kick their butt back to preschool, where someone is going to wipe their snotty nose. In steps Alex with his divine gift of diplomacy, and he words it in a way that I am just only learning about. "Bob, I call it like I see it. These are my observations. Thanks for your comments." Very black and white my husband can be, and I'm so thankful for his gifting.  
Bob is someone I don't need to waste my time on. He's been ordained in two other denominations, and UMC is his third one. His problem, besides being overweight, is that this one is taking more than an hour visit with someone. He actually has to prove himself in the Methodist process, and he's upset about it. The bottom line is the Methodist church has rules that it's governed by. They may be dumb, but they are the rules, and we should be following them. I don't have anything against fat people. I am one at times, but obesity is running rampant in our country, and I'm not going to sit around and say it's OK, cuz God wants our temples to be holy and fit to hold the Holy Spirit. So, Bob, get off the couch and move some, would ya? Of course, you’re a stress eater; all of America is. I struggle just like everyone else who carries too much weight, but I do something about it besides going to a shrink who takes my money and tells me I have stress. Grow up! 
This is yet another example of why Alex is the Pastor and I am the colorful, wordy wife!

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