Thursday, October 7, 2010


So I went for a three-miler this morning, and I am so missing my iPod! However, I am doing a lot of thinking and chatting with God while I'm out there. I do like my music, because I seem more focused, and believe it or not, I run faster with it. Maybe I should say that I run faster when a few of the songs are playing. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch play one of those songs. Yeah, that's right—Good Vibrations. LOVE IT! I run around the neighborhood behind the house—flat as a flitter area with hidden potholes, skunks and freaky possums. As I'm coming to the three-mile mark, I have made the turn onto the main road, Olive. If Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch show up about that time, I have a straight shot back to the house with only one intersection to get through, and I can burn it. Known for my short stature, the only part of me that adds height is my torso. With an inseam of 28 inches, I have a normal height toward the top. The Garmin, when working, has clocked me at 6.24 during these conditions. That's unheard of for me without my iPod. The fastest I can go without it seems to be 7.5. Is that crazy?
So where is my beloved iPod, you might ask? The last place I saw it was at Mt. Eagle, when I went up there for a women's retreat. I can't find it in my backpack or suitcase. I e-mailed the people up there, and they haven't seen it, so it seems to be gone, and I am feeling slow and sad about it. I really don't want one of the new ones. I just want my old one back. 
The weather has been unbelievable this week. Getting down in the high 40s and right now it's 79 at two in the afternoon. I love fall! We signed up for a "Dinner for Eight" thing at church. You get put together with three other couples and go to each other’s houses once a month and eat dinner. Everyone brings something, and the host couple does the main course. We had roast last month at Bill and LouAnn's, and this month—actually tomorrow—we are hosting it here at our house, and we're having red beans and rice. Here's the issue: We have six plates, eight bowls, eight salad plates, no dessert plates and five glasses. Oh, and we only have six chairs, cuz that's what fits around the table. We’ll most likely go to the church and get an eight-foot table and chairs, put it out on the back pouch and eat out there with the tiki torches blazing and a small fire going in the chiminea. Too bad Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch broke up; we could have them over too.

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redheadbeck said...

I think the back porch is a AWESOME idea!!!! Lemondade girl, lemonade!! Ha!

Sure hope the iPod shows up!! Major bummer!!!