Saturday, October 9, 2010

Food is Good!

Had a lovely time last night with our dinner for 8 folks. We sat out on the back porch with the tiki's burning and a grand ole time till about 10:00 which is when everyone starts turning into something other than themselves. Alex solved the number of plate problem by going to get paper plates and they worked great. Bottom line was they came and saw the Asst. Pastors house, which the PW was freaking out about a lot more than she should have been. They came, they saw, they ate, they went home everything was fine. Isn't it always? Don't we insist on going down those roads that are filled with huge pot hole (spots on the rug) and disaster (not enough plates) after disaster (no tea)? We run up and down that road looking for something about it that has a little redeeming charter to it, and all we see if the bad stuff. Maybe we don't see the good part until after it's over. Here's the good part that happened for me. I told one couple that I was making Red Beans and Rice, which they knew (I guess) was a Cajun thing. The other couples were to bring an appetizer, a salad and a dessert. Last month, they all came from our own kitchens, this month the appetizer and salad came from Copeland's, a Cajun restaurant. So I spent over two hours cooking and chopping just to start the cooking process for my part of the meal. They stopped by Copeland's and picked theirs up. The good part = I rock as a cook! My food was beyond good it was yummy to the tenth! They kept going back for more, I still made enough to feed about 20 more people, but that's not the point. The home made pudding dessert was to die for, the company was fun, we had a nice evening and we won't have to do it again until next month! 
So today I go work at Coldwater from 2-6 yeah! Then on SUnday the fun hopefully begins for me! We have a few Catholic's that come to our church and they have asked to have communion every Sunday. You would think they were asking for a new parking lot to be poured. Anyway, I let the powers that be know that I would love to be available to give communion and pray with  people if they wanted it. They said yes and I start tomorrow. We'll do this for a month to see how it goes, this is a bad month for me cuz I'll be gone the last two Sunday's of the month. But I'm excited to do this and see what happens. One of the gal's in my Prayer bible study said she didn't think we needed to pray for the pastor cuz didn't God have them? Honest thought and with knowledge comes good stuff. Now we have a small group praying for the pastors and we're starting a communion time that might lead to healing prayer! Go God, GO! And take me with you!    

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Lee Ryan said...

Good deal with the dinner; yeah, most of the time these things seem to work out better than we'd expect.

Good luck with the communion. I was going to make a joke here about good luck with the transubstantiation and the faith of efficacy ex opere operato, but I couldn't think of anything snappy. Anyway, good luck.