Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Enter at your own Risk!

I had a blog all written up yesterday, and I asked one question of my husband and he censored me! He says he really didn't, but I got mad and deleted the whole thing. He told me to go ahead and write it, but that's not how my head works. I write what I write about in the now. Not much of anything else works for me. I can't recall what I wrote so eloquently five minutes after I write it. It was good too, people. I explained to Alex that this is my blog and that when you read it, you enter at your own risk. I am not going to be polite, because I know you’re here. I won't hold my tongue on thoughts that I have about whatever it is I'm thinking about. I get censored in my everyday life, and I'll be dadgummed if I'm going to let that happen on my own blog site. If you are reading this site to find out the down and dirty of being a preacher’s wife—well, it may get dirty sometimes. If you are trying to see what my husband thinks about stuff, then you better call him, cuz this is all me.
I was going to be calm today and write about some things I've been wondering about, but now I think I remember part of what I was writing about yesterday, so I'll do that, which I’m sure will be filled with wonder.
I got a call Monday night from Coldwater, and they wanted to know if I could work on Tuesday. First, I have to say that if you want me to work, then put me on the schedule. I am scheduled to work this Saturday, and that's it. However, I have been a manager before, and I know that people call in. Smart managers have what they call an “on-call person.” I wonder what you would use them for… So I went in, even though I had planned to work for Alex. Before I went to Coldwater, I stopped by church to see if I could help him out in any way. I can't tell you how many times he has come home and feels like he hasn't gotten anything done because he's sitting at his computer doing secretary work. Maybe the right word here is “busy work,” It's work that should be done by someone else; that's for sure. One of my jobs at Asbury was doing someone’s busy work so they could be used doing something else. Wonder why Alex can't get a secretary to do some of this work for him? So I'm going to have a new part-time volunteer job—doing my husband’s busy work so he can be about doing what he's called to do, which, by the way, isn't doing secretary work. He can do it—don't get me wrong—but I can do it for him. 
Here comes the disclaimer: I am a preacher’s wife. Before I got this job, I was many different things to many different people, but I have always been a woman with a loud mouth. When I have thoughts and feelings about things, you can almost bet that I'm going to voice them. I'm new at this job of PW. In fact, I have three months on the job. I have taken a lot out of this blog because one of my fears is that I will get Alex thrown out of the ministry. I have changed the names to protect the innocent, and anything that sounds like you—well, that might be something that you need to pray about, huh?


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Laurie said...

Thanks for being so honest. Being a PW does have it's challenges...and rewards. I think you are right that it is your blog. Personally, I've not let anyone at our church know I have one!! :)

redheadbeck said...

I believe as a human "bean" you're entitled to be just that.......... And I believe you warned on your blog that you will tell it like it is. The beauty of that is you put your "real" self out there and show your strengths and weaknesses and your God given uniqueness. How in the world do we grow in our faith if we don't examine our human weaknesses and let other believers discuss, challenge and share our struggles and our journeys??????? I choose to love you as much as I humanly can with Jesus's "lens"-the good, bad, and ugly!!! Sorry! I'm rambling on your blog!!! LOL!!!