Monday, October 11, 2010


Yesterday was successful, in my opinion. I had 21 people come by for communion. It sounds a little funny for me to be excited about this, but I feel like it might be a doorway into praying for people, and that is really exciting. The funny thing is I really think it surprised the worship leader. He didn't think people would show up for it, and if the crazy pastors had remembered to tell people during service, there might have been more. I'm happy though and would have been just as happy if only one person had showed up.
Got my work for this week done for class early, as I have to work three days in a row, and that cramps my style a little. I got my interview with our district superintendent written up and turned in, got my discussions up online and have commented on the ones I had time to comment on. So I am getting ready for a busy week, in hopes that I will have time to go to Russellville for Vessels for the Lord’s prayer session over the weekend.
Alex and I will be interviewed this week for mentorship with War Eagle. They are needing about 50 more mentors, and we think we can help. So I do that on Friday morning. Oh, and I talk with Carness about the Discipline and what we do right or wrong as a church. I'm looking to do my research paper on some kind of a case study, but it hasn't fallen in my lap yet. So maybe after we meet, I'll have a better idea of what to work on. Started the Daniel fast today, and that always bring headaches and hunger pains with it. I will tell you more about that tomorrow. For now, I must get in the shower and get all dolled up for work at Coldwater.    

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