Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh My!

We are on our way to Oklahoma City for a conference called "A Weekend to Remember", put on by Family Life. This is one of the things we have agreed to do to help our marriage stay healthy and we are both looking forward to it. Life is just getting thick and we need to thin it out some. While we're there we'll go see the museum where the booming was, haven't done that yet. I'm preparing myself to be overcome with it all. 

To give you an update on the trouble I'm in for my Polity class, the teacher said I was harsh and needed to watch how I worded things since we weren't face to face. Stephanie came to my aid and agreed with me because her father has been a Pastor for over 30 years and his health has suffered because of it. So as much as I was told not to respond by my smart husband, I did. We'll see what happens now. What upset me was that all of my discussions up to this point have gotten 100%, this one got 90%. Yet another ploy to keep the colorful wordy wife of a preacher down. What a challenge!

I also went to my Bunko party last night and we dressed up for Halloween. I was the Queen Bee, which is yet another story about my business called GloryBee. 


Lee Ryan said...

whoa! That is one awesome outfit! Have fun at OK City.

Wendy said...

Eggplant slices brushed with Holy Moly sauce and roasted in the oven...Mmmm! Will miss you at the ATS Christmas craft fair this year.