Thursday, September 2, 2010


I find myself a little on the emotional side today. For those of you who know me, I can hear you saying, "But Kim, you’re always emotional." It's true. I do live with my emotions on my face, and you will hear what I feel about something whether you asked or not. It's just who I am. I found out the hard way that stuffing your feelings down just makes you sick, and I got tired of being sick. Anyway, I went to the first of 10 Bible studies done by Beth Moore on Revelation. It's a lecture series, which means you sit and watch and listen to Beth for a little over an hour. We do prayer requests either before or after, and we go home. There isn't much group interaction to this one as there has been with past ones.
Now before I go on, I am not going to slam Beth Moore. However, I may slam you if you are a huge Beth fan. Don't get me wrong; Beth is a great teacher, and if she weren't Baptist, she would make a great preacher. But people, she is not Jesus and should not be placed on that kind of a pedestal. If she knew you were doing that, she would have a few choice words for you, I’m sure. Beth has a great gift of listening to God, reading scripture and being able to help others glean from what she has learned. But while sitting in this theater in my church, I was overcome with the thought that we were being force fed. All we are required to do is listen to the lecture and fill in the blanks in the listening guide. There is some work to be done during the coming week before we meet again, but looking at it, I think it could be crammed into an evening’s work.
It reminded me of baby birds in a nest, and the mama Beth bird flies over and sticks a worm in the baby’s mouth. All the while, Beth is pointing to Jesus and saying, "If you ever get a hold of Him, if you ever ‘get’ Jesus, He will change your life." Instead of worshipping Jesus, Beth gets the worship. And don't even get me started on the prayer requests. I am heartbroken for these people—really I am. If they knew the power of prayer in their own lives, they would be asking for it at every opportunity they have. But instead, we hear about my friends, sisters, brother who lives on the west coast and just needs prayer. WHAT?!! How do you even pray for whoever that is? I want to stand up and ask, "So, Honey, how's your marriage? Can we pray for you? Are you still having problems with bitterness in your life?" You know—really personal stuff that can be changed when we bring it to God in prayer.
I think there were more than 30 women in that class, and they have at least two, if not three, Beth Moore studies going on right now. So there are maybe 90 women involved in this study. Do you know how many people have signed up for my study on prayer, which will be part study, part really praying? One. So I'm pretty emotional today, and mainly because I want to honor Jesus in all that I do, and it's a daily struggle for me. Forgive the human side of me that wants to yell and pray that God will open the doors for me that I need to walk through and that I'll stop beating on the ones that He doesn't want me to open just yet.

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