Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Right before the start of every semester, Asbury sends out, gives out and passes out their "Reader." It started back in 2001, when about 40 students, staff and faculty gathered together every Wednesday in a small prayer room to pray and to listen together for the guiding voice of the Holy Spirit. From these sessions came a clear direction: Read Scripture Together! So the "Reader" was born, and every time it comes out, it is new and different. Well, I got mine yesterday since I'm a student. Kinda made Alex mad cuz he didn't get one, and he's an alumnus. Anyway, I cracked it open like a kid with a new book. (It smelled like a new book too.) I started looking at it and reading some of the background info and was tickled that the art was done by my dear friend Denise Park. I have posted the painting she did for the senior class gift and will again. I was also touched in a way I did not expect to be by the use of the words. It's hard to explain, but it was very much Asbury Theological Seminary talk. Not that's it's all that heady, but the words call you to a higher, different place. They call you to remember the story and where you fit in it, because the story of Jesus is our story.
"Christ's teaching outstrips all other teachings, and God's Spirit will teach you Christ's secrets. Few secrets come to people not filled with His Spirit—even with repeated hearing of the gospel. The clue to understanding Christ? Conform 100 percent to his life." Thomas a Kempis
For me, this is just so rich and so doable. It was more doable in Wilmore just because we did it together in community, which is something that is sadly missing out here in the real world. However, I am challenged to dance to the different drummer, to be that one that's a little odd and so full of joy. What's my secret? I'm reading Scripture with a group of people, every day. I can't wait to get started on the 7th, which is the first day of class. What's my secret? Asking to be filled with the Holy Spirit daily.