Thursday, September 30, 2010


I think I got over my issue with needing to work, or at least I'm working on getting over it. You know me, I'm such a work in progress. Today has been a pretty good day all in all. My Bible study on Revelation was a little intense, but it's Revelation, so what do you expect? I had lunch with three lovely ladies today at the local Tea Room. We talked about all kinds of stuff but in the process I noticed that my heart was lighter. I was hearing words like thirsty, men's ministry, hungry for the Word, can you do retreats? I had a few moments of clarity and I began to see that having a "real job" would keep me from doing what God is really calling me to do. Now the funny part of this is I'm still trying to figure that part out as I go. I know I've got too much on my plate right now and I am going to have to let some of it go, just because it's making me busy and I don't hear well when I busy. I want to sit down and just pray into some of the idea's I'm getting and we'll see where that leads. I mentioned to the girls today, and I even told them that's what I was calling them to Alex, "The Girls". They loved it! I thanked the girls for asking me to lunch and for taking time to get to know me. They are really the only people in the church, outside of church functions, that have even acted like they wanted to spend time with me. Mary Kay said that maybe people were afraid of me, being the Preacher's wife and all. I almost blew all the food out of my mouth! Scared! Of me? OK well if that's the case than thanks for being brave. She told me later as we were parting ways in the church parking lot, that I should give the church some time to warm up to me. It had only been a short while and I needed to be patient with them. I do understand that, I just get, well, antsy! So I think I'm going to pray of course, but I'm also going to write everything that I'm doing down and the amount of time it's taking. I really have no idea why I'm out of the house three nights a week, that's too much. I mean I know what I'm doing, I just shouldn't be out of the house that much. So back to the job thing, I got to thinking that if I got a job, what would I do if they let me be a Master Gardener? Pat asked me today if I was still thinking about doing some yard art. Now I want to think about retreats and what one that I put on would look like. I also wanted to say good-bye to September, so here goes bye September. Did I mention that this weekend is "Bikes, BBQ and Blues". Yep another  motorcycle rally. Awe, the sound of Hogs rolling down the road, brings back memories of summertime in Durango. Hope I can sleep tonight. 


Jeane said...

I'd like to have lunch with you :o)

Kimer said...

You rock Jeane!!