Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm a little distracted today (surprise). Wonder if it has anything to do with looking out the window a lot? Got everything on my list done yesterday, plus a few extras that I think I should write down so I can put a line through them. I started on my one-page paper, and Alex really liked the way I started it, but it fell apart toward the end, mainly cuz my sentences started to not make sense. So I will be working on that after I'm done blogging.  
I got a great hair fix yesterday. The gal that cut it in July really botched it, and I have been trying to grow it out so I could get it fixed. Well, that day was yesterday, and I can say with a straight face that both sides of my hair are even with each other. Dee Dee, who did the fixing, said, "Oh my, I think there is about an inch difference between the two sides." I knew that and made up for it by walking around with my head tilted to the right.
I got my application is the mail yesterday for Master Gardener! Wooo hooo! I filled it out, and the mailman should be picking it up today. The deadline is October 15, so I have some time before I know if I got accepted or not. If I get in, the classes will be twice a week, eight hours per class, for about a month. It will start in January, I'm thinking, because no one will be working in their yards during that time. If I get in, I will also have to do 40 hours of community service around the city somewhere. They asked what my skills were that could be used for the project work. I saw they had public speaking down, so I checked it along with almost all the others. I have some pretty diverse skills.
I'm getting pretty fed up with the scholars/theologians who are in my online class. We get a new module every two weeks, and in it are reading assignments and papers that need done, and we must have online dialog with each other about that module's stuff. What they say: "I must say, I was very impressed by the social principles. First of all, it is good to see the church seeking to make a stand on issues that are relevant to the current culture. The depth of the principles was a surprise to me, as I did not know that they addressed things such as farming, climate change, technology and health care. I also greatly appreciated the statement that pledged ‘respectful conversation’ with those of differing opinions.  I saw this as an opening for further debate and a sign that the positions held were not ‘set in stone,’ but dynamic and changing." 
What I hear is my blood pressure rising as I try to figure out if he is really that much of a kiss-butt or if he lives in a bubble where everyone pussyfoots around each other. I am so tired of Christians being soft! Make a stand. Even if it's wrong, stand for something. I think the social principals in the book of discipline are going to help be the downfall of the Methodist church as we now know it. If we as a church don't get off our politically correct butts and say, “No! That's not what the Bible says!" to some things, we will bend over for everything and become so irrelevant  that we won't make a difference. This guy is a director of worship, so he can sing and play something and believe in respectful conversation. You know what? I believe in disagreeing when we don't see eye to eye. I'm respectful most of the time, although Alex will tell you I speak my mind too loudly sometimes. But it's what makes me me. God put me together this way, and I just have to think it's because He wants more from me, cuz stuff gets under my skin. All I can say is I'm glad I'm not the preacher. Can I get an Amen?

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I've been reading and re-reading the definition of "Moral Courage"-is the ability to act rightly in the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal, or discouragement. And being raised to be a "good girl"-I need to read this definition every day and pray to God to make it a "reality" in my existence.