Thursday, August 5, 2010

Out Loud!

In high school, I was in the church choir and sang soprano. Could never pull off a solo I'm sure, but I enjoy singing, even if it's out of tune and pitch. Alex calls it racket, but I think God knows the intent of my heart. Make a joyful noise huh? One of the many questions that is directed towards the pastor's wife is "Do you sing?" I find it hard to answer this question sometimes without finding out who is asking. "Where you sitting in front of me and are now deaf?" "Are you an undercover choir member?" Sometimes they are just being nice and want to know if I have any talent at all or if I'm just another pretty face. 

Music is something that I love and that has meant something to me my whole life. I have two saxophones that I really need to find time to start playing again, mainly because I love to make music! I enjoy running and listening to my worship tunes, which by the way, need to speed up to keep up with the pace of a run! I'm glad I run in the dark! People would really start to talk about me if they saw me running and singing with hands raised in worship. It is a wonder I haven't fallen down and smashed a robin or two. I always seem to have a song going in my head as I'm sure most of us do. The funny thing is sometimes a preachers wife doesn't need to be signing those kinds of songs. "Oh That's the way, a-huh a-huh, I like it, a-huh a-huh!" But that's what makes me me. I don't fit into molds very well, I run over the edges.

So last night I went to check out the choir, which I know is making my dad's day as he reads this. He has asked me for years why I don't sing in the choir any more. Well, I haven't found a choir that didn't sing dead songs, or have dull expressions on their faces. One of the first things that Les, the director, said last night was "You maybe the only Jesus that someone sees." I am so on board with that! Like if you love Jesus why the long face? Then we sang this song that I thought I was going to break out into a gig. It was great! Then came the task of figuring out where someone like me fits. I love being out front, but can't get my voice to go the high anymore. So I sat with the alto's to see how that fit. Oh My Gosh! They sing too high too, so off I went, back with the men and two other gals to the tenors! We started to sing the next song and I heard the richness of the men and started to sing in the same pitch as them! I had come home! Now, I still want it to be known that I love contemporary music, however the four different parts sung at the same time have a way of melting my heart. I believe this is one of the problems in the church today. Choir doesn't sing praise band and praise band doesn't sing choir. To me, music is music and it needs to be played and sung with all our hearts. So those of you that don't sing that "other stuff", get over yourself  and give it a try. Even David, who played the harp, rocked out in the temple to his wife dismay!     

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redheadbeck said...

LOL!! You crack me up girl!!! I LOVE music too!! Me and my musical taste don't fit in anyone's mold either!!!! You go girl!!!!