Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Looks like we're in for another scorcher today. I was talking with Jack from church, and he said that he has stopped watering his garden. This really surprised me, so I asked him why. Seems that the steam produced when you water on these hot days kills everything—even if you water in the early morning or evening. I had stopped watering the front yard for lots of reasons, one being it's mostly weeds. However, Alex found in the rental agreement that they will help out with the cost of watering if we just don't let things die because of the heat. So I started back up this morning, and we'll see if it helps. 

I traveled down to Fayetteville yesterday to interview for an ushering job at the UA home games. There are only five games, and they want you to commit to all five, which I can understand. However, my first class on Spiritual Direction is on the weekend of the last game. Yes, I told them, so I may not get it. I should hear something from them by next week. I did find out they don't give you any cool clothes to wear, which is a bummer, but at least there is pay involved. It took longer to drive down there and back than it did to sit in the interview. I think I was in there for 10 minutes. The questions are so funny too. Can you stand for eight to 10 hours? How do you deal with upset people? I told him I was good with drunks because of my experience with the soup kitchen. Then I thought better of saying it after it was too late. I hope if I get the job it won't be in the student section. I'm sure they are meaner than my homeless folks were. I asked him where we were to park, cuz I know that's a bugger during the school term. He told me we park out by a baseball field and they bus us in. Oh my.

Alex and I have an opportunity to lead a mission group down to Shiprock, New Mexico. We are slowly finding out the details, and the guy who was going to lead them had something come up. So we are praying about it. The worst thing about it is getting someone to stay here and take care of the herd. It would be over a week, and that gets pretty expensive. So we'll see. If would be fun to go back home, so to speak. I'm learning that the mission trips don't have a lot of interaction with people—just doing physical work, which I know needs doing. But my thinking is to go where a real need is, like Louisiana, and clean up oil. There I go again, thinking.

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