Friday, August 6, 2010

Another journal

I journal in a notebook almost every day. It's my way of talking with God and being real about who I am. I write down the important things that are happening in my life, and just for fun sometimes, I go back and read where I was earlier in my walk. I don't just write in any kind of a notebook. I used to, but I've found the best of the best and won't be using any other, ever. I use Moleskine. This is what the little piece of paper that’s wrapped around the front says before you rip it off and throw it away: "Moleskine—The legendary notebook of Hemingway, Picasso, Chatwin. Ruled Notebook 240 lined pages, 5 x 81/4, acid-free paper, expandable inner packet."  
So I filled this notebook up today, and it calls for celebration, I think. I started writing in this one on 9.16.09, just days before I quit my job at Asbury Theological Seminary. My, that seems like years ago—a lifetime almost. The front page says, "In case of loss, please return to…" and I wrote my name and the start and end date and where I was, so it says, "Wilmore to Rogers. End of job to start of ministry!" Inside are words from my life and leaves from trees and flowers that still mean so much to me. The leaf is from a Bible study I took with my Future Pastor's Wife group. The flower is from the yard of Laura Beach, my spiritual director. I have worked through a lot of life with God on these pages, and now it will go on the shelf to wait until I need to read it again. 
It's almost a sad celebration, because that notebook has gone with me everywhere in the last year. However, the fun of starting a new one begins. So I open it carefully and put my name and date on the front page. How exciting to be starting a new book of life! I wonder what will fill these pages in the next year. I remember when I started journaling in 1996ish. It was more like the rantings of a crazy, bitter woman than it was talking to God. But I go forward and move into better and better places, knowing that God really does have a plan for me and already knows what will fill these pages. Maybe the fun part of it for Him is watching me go through the learning and seeking of His will. To see that the person I am when I start a notebook isn't the same person who finishes it.
If you are looking for an excellent notebook that will help you write and help you want to write, check out Moleskine at You will love them—I promise! They will become a part of the writing of your story, as they record the days and pages of your life here on earth. Be blessed! 

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Relyn said...

I love my Moleskine, too. Kimer, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'm so glad I get to come and meet you. Have a blessed week.