Thursday, August 26, 2010


Joe told us that we would be working another week at the book store. A few of us, OK, four of us looked at each other and said things like, "I won't be" and "Not me!" I happened to be one of them. While I have worked as a staffer at a temp service in Durango and I truly understand the nitch that they fill, I think I need a break from the dang book store, and the prima-donna's that go to  school there. I mean, I know I'm in the south cuz they answer me with 'Yes, Mama" and "No Mama" but these helpless little blonde haired no clothes wearing sorority girls just need to fall back in it and grow up. What's worse is the dad-gum football team! OH MY GOSH! "You mean I have to walk all the way up those stairs to get my books?" No, you can stay down here and see if they float their way down to you. "But I don't know where to find them!" Well, let's see, from the first floor I can see on the side of the shelves that History books are right there on the right. These are probably the boys that will be getting their under grad degree in Sociology or Peace and Justice. God help us. They don't even know how to wait on each other. The folks up stairs are running their selfs silly getting orders filled and there will be a line of five kids, and this one will walk up and shove their list of books at one of the workers and not even say anything to them. If I were up there I would have to give them all wedgies, and the girls aren't wearing enough to make a wedge!
I am so glad to be at the front door when the beeping, flashy things goes off, cuz it put's fear into some of these kids. A couple have just kept walking and the only thing that stops them is when they hear me say "Don't make me run after you and tackle you!" "Oh, me?" they say. "No Your Momma!" I think I know where half of these kids are going to be come spring...Home with Momma taken care of them cuz they couldn't cut it at school. 
Thanks Momma and Daddy, for raisin' me right! Dang! I really can't get over these kids! Who raised them anyway? Oh, yeah, the electronic crap we gave them to keep them quite.


redheadbeck said...

Ohhhhh!!!! Scary post!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I saw a book at the Christian bookstore yesterday entitled "Help! My kid is addicted to electronics!" I wanted to get it as Jess is addicted to his Nintendo DS, but opted to buy Shelia Walsh's, "God's Little Warrior" book of devotions and nightly prayers to help my little "DS addicted Warrior" calm down at night!!!! But thanks for the heads up on how I need to stay after these things and teach him to be independent and not one of these kids you are encountering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So help me God!!!!

Lee Ryan said...

Yeah...that's one of the things I hate about being around school all the time. (not so much a problem here...but still, there are a different variety of jerks everywhere.)