Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bye Bookstore!

I've calmed down since my last blog, which is good for the blood pressure, I'm sure. Today was my last day at the bookstore, and it was kinda bittersweet. Note the word “kinda.” There are some employees of the bookstore that are glad I will not be darkening their door, as I put them to shame with my true joyfulness. In other words, they wish everybody were as unhappy as they are. At first this bothered me, because after all I want EVERYONE to like me. Then I got to seeing how these people really operated and how the majority of the folks have said they are really going to miss me, and that just fueled my fire. Like the big dude who tries to stand over my shoulder without me knowing it and make faces. Try again, lame-o. The people will still miss me.
In thinking about what most of the people are talking about, I come to the conclusion that joy is truly the answer. I use to think it was a Southern thing, but here I am in the south, and dang if these people don't get it. So I'm chalking it up to the joy of Jesus, and they can just get over themselves. It is so much easier to be nice than to be nasty, but their mamas never told them that, I guess. So God put me in their faces to show them, cuz they don't hear so good. So I said goodbye to the sweet people at the bookstore, and the rest can—well, whatever.
Ayissa and I walked over to the stadium for our training as ushers for the home games, and I gotta tell ya, coming down that hill and see that big ol’ place just sets your joy on overload. I mean, this is the SEC people! It doesn’t get any better than this, and here I am standing in it. Pinch me! It's going to be a long workday at these games, and they are telling us to expect 10- to 12-hour days. I just pray I don't have to get up in anybody's face, but I will if I have to. Anyway, I'm beat from these two weeks at the bookstore, and I look forward to resting. Crap, I don't rest. I have church in the morning and Coldwater Creek on Monday. Sure could use a pedicure and a message.


Lee Ryan said...

yeah - you should get plenty of chances to watch some good football.

Kimer said...

If I can't watch, I'm sure I can hear! Should be fun!